Rien Heuver By Rien Heuver on December 5, 2017

So here it is: our new website. Fully equipped with a new name, logo, bright magenta and this blog. And I guess it was about time we did renew. This blog post is all about explaining why we decided to rebrand, how we went at it and of course a little about the result.


Logo First things first: what was wrong with Well, a couple of things actually. We came up with the name when we needed a domain name for testing environments and prototypes. We found .work to be sort of cool and after some trials noticed that was still free. After that, the business started growing and we decided that would be our company name for now. As quick and dirty as the company name came to existence, so did our website. It was a simple modification of a free online template; okay-ish, but not good. And not updating the portfolio didn't make it any better.

So a while back we decided to redesign our website. The (by now) old one was not very good looking, outdated and in our opinion not very representative of us and our business. When we made that decision, we came up with the idea of rebranding entirely and decided to do so.

Devver is an abbreviation of developer, but only colleagues in our field of work are aware of that. We noticed that whenever we met new people, they wouldn't understand our name and even have difficulty pronouncing it. Hence, not a very good name that can easily be remembered, recognized or written down. Conclusion: time for a new, thought through, simple but sensible name.


So once we decided to rebrand, we had to actually come up with a better name. That proved to be more difficult than expected, if not because many domain names we're already taken. To start off, we made a list of keywords that we thought described us well, such as technology, solution, cooperation, collaboration, perspective, development and many more. We then gathered synonyms of these keywords and started looking for domain names. It took a while, but we eventually found to be free. A .com domain had our preference, to have the flexibility of growing our business internationally.


There were other options than Evolution36 of course. So why did we go with Evolution36? What's the meaning behind the name?

Logo Evolution36 Our customers get to correct me if I'm wrong, but we like to believe that we bring something more to the table than just software technological skills. We always try to understand the root of the problem that the customer wants to solve, so that we can help them figure out the best solution. Sure, if a customer brings us a list of system requirements, we'd be happy to build the system. But not many customers do. They mostly have a rough idea of a solution and come to us for advice (and development of course). With the customers in-depth knowledge of the problem and our experience with user interaction, automation and software technology, together we can design the best solution.

So back to our name: regarding the above, that's what refers to the evolution. From a rough idea, to a prototype, to a solid product.

Oh, and the 36? Well, that's where Wybren and I started cooperating on a business and technological level: as two out of six of the 36th board members of study association Inter-Actief. Bestuur 36 Inter-Actief