This page shows a selection of solutions we created for (international) businesses, local companies, startups and ourself.

portfolio-Seating measurement system
PRSella - Seating measurement system
Mobile application for visualizing measurement of wheelchair seatings. Based on these readings new seatings are customized.
Charco&Dique - Keeper
Keeper is a worflow tool that lets financial institutions execute a gap analysis on upcoming regulatory changes based on their current compliance. The tool optimizes an otherwise tedious and manual process.
University of Twente - SenseIT
SenseIT is an application developed for the health care sector that helps users gain awareness about their emotional state during therapy sessions. By measuring the heartbeat of users through a smart watch and sending notifications on the watch screen, quick interactions and accurate information can be used.
portfolio-Employability Portal
Tempo-Team - Employability Portal
The online portal of Tempo-Team Employability is a web application for consultants and their candidates. During employability tracks, this portal is used to easily and clearly read, update and create relevant information for all involved parties.
Randstad - Flexometer
Flexometer is a management tool that gives customers of Randstad clear insights in the flexibility of their employee-teams. With an easy to use interface, this web application lets them create simulations and predictions as a base for their HR-decisions.