We create applications for the web, mobile devices, IoT devices and augmented and virtual reality. Each platform is different and has other requirements and so is each application. Below you find our take on every one of them.

chevron_rightWeb applications

Web applications

A web application can be accessed from practically every device with an internet connection. This means that you could use a computer, laptop, tablet, phone or even your smart tv to access a web application without having to install anything. We have helped many companies by providing them with tailor-made web applications.

Your business is unique and we understand this. There is not a general solution that fits your problem perfectly. That is why every software solution we develop is build from the ground up and everything is tailored to your needs. During the development we keep your business in mind and so together we create the best possible solution for you.

There are many techniques you can use in web development. However, we like to use large, future proof, open-source frameworks as a robust basis for our applications. On top of these frameworks we design an architecture for your application that supports change. So that if your business changes, the application can change with it.

chevron_rightMobile apps

Mobile apps

Mobile applications build for specifically for Android or iOS have an extra robust feeling and smooth user experience. Native solutions are great for heavy duty or very large applications. Besides native apps, there exist hybrid apps: a cross-over with web-apps that can serve you well in a plethora of scenarios. Both native and hybrid apps can use the full range of phone/tablet capabilities, such as cameras, notifications, the gyroscope and the accelerometer.

We create applications in Java for Android and Object-C for iOS, or JavaScript in case of hybrid apps. We first determine what type of app fits your project best. We then start to create the interface. During the process we evaluate the application together with you to be certain we are headed in the right direction. After the implementation has finished, we are of course available for maintenance and aftercare. If you like, we can also help you publish the application in the App Store and/or Play Store.



Wearables are devices that are on your body, such as fitness trackers and smart glasses. These devices have all types of sensors, such as an accelerometer, a gyroscope and more interesting: vital sign sensors. These sensors can give a lot of information about a user. Besides that, some wearables can be used to send notifications to the user without the same obtrusiveness as mobile notifications. Therefore, wearable apps can be of great added value in certain application areas.

chevron_rightInternet of Things

Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is a network of connected devices, such as home appliances, sensors, embedded electronics and actuators. They can be linked with all sorts of networking technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth and LoRa. The information they share can be analyzed and then used in applications. Examples of these are smart thermostats, smart fridges and smart lighting systems.

If there is a device you would like to connect to the IoT, then we will try to find the best solution. Applications for the Internet of Things consist of two parts. The first part is the software on the IoT device, gathering data from sensors or sending signals to an actuator to perform an action. The second part is the user-application, like an app or website, which can be used to control data or perform actions.

chevron_rightProcess Optimization

Process Optimization

Working hours are long enough without having to do all the work twice. However, too often we find that many companies seem to perform double work: first having to write information down on paper, to later enter it in the computer. Or performing more work than necessary, simply because the current tools are inefficient in use. We believe technology can help you increase your productivity. We have developed software tools that helped our customers to gain insights that were not possible at first, or tools that replaced inefficient workflows with Excel sheets.

To see if your process can be optimized, just think about how much time you are working on non-business related activities. We like to think we can help you with finding solutions. By understanding your business and being aware of the latest technological trends we can offer the best advise on what application suits your needs.

chevron_rightAR and VR

AR and VR

Imagination is one of the greatest things, because you get to see everything that could possibly be. With virtual reality (VR) you can show anything to anyone, fully immersive. Augmented reality (AR) even goes a step further: it presents virtual visualizations in the real world. This means that you could take a walk in the park, while seeing elephants walk next to you. Or try out various dining tables, before actually buying one.

When you have a product that needs to speak to your customers, then AR or VR could be a great way to present your product. We have the ability to create applications that run on the machine you prefer, whether that is a mobile phone, a desktop computer or specialized virtual/augmented reality glasses.